Nate Hall - Fear of Falling

by Breathe Plastic Records



The late Hunter S Thompson chose to open his account of life with some of the original American misfits with the words of one who lived centuries before.

The poet he chose, Francois Villon, wrote:
In my own country I am in a far off land
I am strong, but have no voice or power
I win all, yet remain a loser
At break of day I say goodnight
When I lie down, I have a great fear of falling

I was in my 20s when I first read those lines, but they hit me hard. Those of us who choose to follow our own hearts will always face the ambushes, traps, and destructive social norms of those who run the world – people without guts or bravery. We will see the stupidity and cruelty of the masses, and often find ourselves the target of their misplaced wrath. We will live with the frustration of seeing clearly through the fog around us. We will learn not to trust anything, even the ground to hold us up. Of course, we will be wrong sometimes. We will do things contrary to our purpose, as all humans do. We will plummet harder, faster, farther. To fall, to find ourselves at the mercy of cowards and fools is a great and terrible fear. It is the ultimate humiliation.

From childhood, we all understand the basic truth of, “what goes up comes down.” Still, those with vision and the force of will to make it real cannot resist the urge to rise as high as we can, knowing full well that we will eventually fall back to the lowest plane. But there is more, much more than this. I believe that there is another world greater than the one we now see. We spend our lives in these bodies, facing physical and emotional suffering and fears that will ultimately prove to be a great illusion. This world is a spiritual exercise, and we are now creating something much better. We will all one day share the same rewards. Be brave, be strong. Trust in the goodness inside you.

– Nate Hall, fall 2014


released November 25, 2014



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Breathe Plastic Records Rijswijk, Netherlands

Cassette label from the Netherlands.



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